2021 School Fees


While trying to keep the fee increase to its minimum, we have also had to take into consideration the ever-increasing cost of electricity, rates, water and food, which are major expenses.

2021 SCHOOL FEES (EXCL. PLAYGROUP FEES) R43, 725.00 per year plus Once off registration fee of R350.00 per child

    • Fees are calculated using cost projections for the year and divided by the number of children who have confirmed and are expected to attend school. The committee uses the principles of ensuring sufficient funds to cover all expenses and trying to ensure the fee increases are kept to a minimum.
          • Please note our fees are per year per child and to assist parents we allow the option of paying over 11 months (instead of 10 months as do other schools) R3975.00 per month per child x 11 months
  • If we run a holiday programme during the holidays, this is not included in our listed fees and will be billed separately at a cost to be determined.

For a full breakdown of our 2021 fees, please click on the link below:

Fees 2021


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