what we offer

detailed/comprehensive progress reports

for each child are shared with parents twice during the year and parent interviews are conducted at the end of the first term. Teachers have regular contact with parents at drop-off in the morning and additional interviews can be arranged when needed.

our space 

is supervised, dynamic and secure and encourages and challenges the development of independence, confidence, spatial awareness, perceptual, gross and fine motor skills while becoming increasingly cognisant of the needs and rights of others.

our nutritious mid-morning snack 

menu includes veg sticks, popcorn, fruit, corn bread, bran muffins, bran crisps, carrot and oat jumbles and baked sweet potatoes.

our extra mural programme

Catrobatkidz, creative dance, pottery, Kiddie Yoga and Edudrama

our community outreach

includes the collection of clothing and toys for less fortunate children in rural areas, a weekly charity collection, subsidisation of fees for a limited number of needy pre-school children each year, crèche teacher training in Alexandra and Soweto and enrichment of the practical teaching experience for Wits students.


The children have their vision, hearing and posture checked by medical professionals.