our way

play is key to learning

Play is key to learning so our approach is an informal one with the children free to choose, explore, discover and express themselves at their own pace in an environment that supports the growth of the whole child – cognitive, physical, emotional and social. We celebrate creative problem-solving and believe the end should be left open to the creator.

Our activities allow time for language, creative art, science, music, dance, movement, developmental play, routine, free play, perceptual, tactile, community and story time fun. We plan for various focus activities such as library, baking, mud, sprinkler, bushmen, spring, bike, story character and shape days.

Family days include a welcome picnic, eco walk, grandparent’s and domestic worker’s days, a food and dance evening, art exhibition, end-of-year rings and a nativity. Specialists drawn from the greater community share their expertise with the children and include musicians, dancers, reptile, bird and insect experts, cooks, firemen, dog trainers, puppeteers and more.

a day in the life of a rppp child…